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From the records of the Cape it seems as if at least 5 van den Berg men settled in the Cape.

Jacobus VAN DEN BERG (originally Van Bergen) was babtised on 8 February 1671 in Breskens, Zeeland. He married Jacomina CARTENIERS from Oudenaarde, Vlaandre on 8 October 1700. They had seven children, 2 sons and 5 daughters. The majority van den Bergs in South Africa originated from this family.

Jacobus Johannes VAN DEN BERG was born in Utrecht, Netherlands on 15 February 1745. He arrived in the Cape as chief surgeon on the ship De Jonge Samuel in 1775. The next year he married Elizabeth Kamp. They had nine children. After her death in 1798 he married Maria Verwey the widow of Christiaan Erasmus Wentzel. They had 5 children. It is also mentioned that he was a wealthy trader and exporter.

Dirk Jans VAN DEN BERG from Bremen married Anna Heylon from Mauritius on 20 November 1729. She was the widow of Jacobus VAN LAAR. They had two children, a son and a daughter.

We also know about Willem VAN DEN BERG from Wageningen who married Sara WAGENAAR on 31 October 1784. Apparently they had only three daughters.

There is also a record of Matthys (Matthias) VAN DEN BERG from Munster who married Geertruida BRITZ on 4 March 1798. They had four sons and a daughter.

Mention is also made of other van den Bergs in books about the Cape of Good Hope. Although they are not related to the abovementioned families you can read more about them here. (Afrikaans Only)

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